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Remember when we were brainstorming ideas for Jude | Zero | Zude things we thought/hoped we’d see when Hit The Floor returned for S4? We may not get those things in canon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them in our fic/art/vids. So welcome to [community profile] team_zude’s fourth Comment!Fic/Art Fest! To give people more time to create, the Fest will be open for approximately six weeks, beginning today, Friday, September 15th, and running through midnight Tuesday, October 31st.

(Credit: multi-screencap)

How It Works:

1. Leave a prompt in comments to this post. You may post as many prompts as you like, but only one prompt per comment.

1a. Your prompts may include other characters, but must include Jude, Zero or Zude.

1b. Your prompt must be related to a virtual season four where Jude and Zero are still on the show.

2. If you find a prompt that you like, go ahead and fill it! Fills may be in the form of fic, graphics, or vids. There is no limit to how many fills a prompt gets, or how many prompts an author/artist/vidder fills.

3. Post fills in a reply to the prompt comment. The subject line should read: “Filled” followed by any title or part numbers you’d like to use. (Example: Filled: taking one for the team, part 1/3) This makes it easier for people to find your fills.

4. You may use more than one comment if your fill is too long to fit into one. Alternately, if you prefer to post your fic/art/vids in one place, say AO3 or Tumblr, then please reply with the link to your fic/art/vid post so we can all find and enjoy it. Please do not post links to locked entries.

5. Anon comments are enabled, so you do not need to have a DW account to participate.

6. Please leave FB for the authors/artists/vidders. No flaming will be tolerated.

7. I will created a master post of fills after the fest ends.

8. If you have any questions, you may ask them in the first Q&A Thread below or e-mail me at spikedluv@dreamwidth.org.

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Sep. 14th, 2017 07:03 am
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Infinite List of Perfect TV Couples :
ZUDE : Jude Kinkade and Zero/Gideon (Hit The Floor)
“You’re the single greatest thing that ever happened to me, Gideon.” “You too, stupid.”

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